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We didn't get here by chance.

We were born in 2014, we were only 5 and we only offered 1 service.
In three months we increased the range of services, achieved significant growth and launched the payment sector in Portugal.
Com tecnologia 100% nacional totalmente desenvolvida por nós, construímos uma rede de cerca de 3000 Pontos de Venda espalhados por todo o País tendo já realizado mais de 20 milhões de transações.

But, did we want to stop there? In no way.

Em 2018, demos importantes passos no mercado, tendo completado com sucesso o registo como Merchant Agent da Visa Europe, Payment Facilitator da Mastercard e Alipay.
Because the motto of PAGAQUI and all its members is to “insist, persist and not give up”, today we are more than 38 employees motivated to grow and provide an ever better service to all our agents, clients and partners.

So, don't miss the next news .. because neither do we!

Our Team

João Barros
Founder of PAGAQUI. Responsible for the implementation and development of the business model and financial plan. Responsible for team building, partnership negotiations with key partners, namely national and international mobile operators.
Ricardo Augusto
Design and structure of PAGAQUI payment systems. Responsible for the central system and transaction applications. Definition of specifications. Management and coordination of the development team. At PAGAQUI since October 2013.
Madalena Santos

Madalena Santos

Planning, Control and New Business Director
Coordination and Control of inter-departmental projects. Reports. Coordination and launch of new products involving conception, negotiation and implementation of partners. At PAGAQUI since October 2013.
Frederico Portela

Frederico Portela

Commercial Director
Commercial team coordination. Market prospecting and definition of product implementation strategy. Definition of sourcing network strategy and national coverage of PAGAQUI services. At PAGAQUI since October 2013.
Cátia Flor

Cátia Flor

Financial and Administrative Director
Planning and organization of the general accounting system according to accounting, tax and financial standards. Treasury management. Annual and monthly reports. At PAGAQUI since May 2014.
Miguel Salvador

Miguel Salvador

Operations Director
Coordination of the Back-Office department, namely: call center, complaints management, technical support and training. Coordination of the credit risk department, namely: risk analysis (ceiling). At PAGAQUI since January 2017.
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