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Rede de Agentes

Offer more services to your Customers.
With PAGAQUI, it provides its Clients to make their payments in one place in a simple and convenient way.

PAGAQUI Services

Mobile Phone Rechargements

Recharge your phone simply and quickly at PAGAQUI.
National and international operators.

Gift Cards

Games, music and more!
Buy your gift card at PAGAQUI.

Pre-paid Phone Cards

Talk to your loved ones whenever you want.
Buy your calling card at PAGAQUI.

Transport Titles

Recharge your pass or buy your occasional transportation ticket at PAGAQUI.

Mobile Equipment Insurance

Protect your mobile device with an INZMO Insurance and/or Warranty Extension at PAGAQUI.

Show Tickets

Do not miss any concert, festival and/or show. Buy your ticket at PAGAQUI.

Invoice Payment

Pay your taxes and/or invoices conveniently and quickly at PAGAQUI.
Electricity and Gas;
Water and sanitation;
Insurance premiums;
Payments to the state;
Traffic fines.


More services, more traffic.

More sales, more revenue.

No fidelization.

Localizador de Agentes


      PAGAQUI User

      How does the service work?
      It's very simple! In just 3 steps: STEP 1 - Go to a PAGAQUI's Agent and request the service you want. Services: National or international mobile phones rechargement, purchase of vouchers, calling cards, transport tickets, invoices payments and purchase of show tickets. STEP 2 - PAGAQUI's Agent records the operation on the terminal. STEP 3 - The consumer pays cash and receives a receipt. The process is complete!
      Do I need a card, code or registration to use Pagaqui services?
      No, just go to a PAGAQUI's Agent, give the money and make the transaction.
      Do I have to pay any fees to use the service?
      No, the PAGAQUI service is completely free for the consumer.
      Where can I find a PAGAQUI's Agent?
      For the convenience of consumers, PAGAQUI is expanding its Agents network to cover the entire national territory. So, all consumers will have a PAGAQUI's Agent close to them, and with a longer opening hours. All PAGAQUI's Agents are identified with brand advertising.
      When charging my phone, is the value immediately available?
      Yes, the value is immediately available on your prepaid card, except in case of any anomaly on your mobile operator.
      How can I prove that I have performed the rechargement/purchase?
      At the end of the transaction, PAGAQUI Agent issues an invoice/receipt as a proof of transaction. You should keep this document as proof of the transaction made.

      PAGAQUI's Agent

      What equipment is required to be a PAGAQUI's Agent?
      If you have PAGAQUI partner billing software, you can access the service through it. If not, simply have a computer with Windows operating system with internet connection and printer.
      Do I have to pay for having PAGAQUI advertising material?
      No, all advertising material is provided by PAGAQUI for free.
      Will I have any formation to know how to use the PAGAQUI system?
      Yes, PAGAQUI has a team that will give you an formation.
      Is there any fidelization period associated with the contract?
      No, the contract may be terminated at any time without penalty.
      In case i can not realized an transaction or if i have any questions in the process, who should I contact?
      PAGAQUI have a support line for questions and requests for assistance. You can talk to us by the email agents@pagaqui.pt or the number 707 450 460.
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