Disclaimer for SaltPay’s online chat

SaltPay’s online chat is only intended for general inquiries and assistance to the company’s customers. SaltPay’s staff cannot provide financial information, card information, personal information or passwords through the online chat. The information contained in the online chat may not be republished, distributed, reproduced, or copied in any way. It is also not permitted to publish illegal or indecent material in SaltPay’s online chat. Any misuse of users in the chat may be subject to law.

Under no circumstances will SaltPay be liable for damages that may result from information published, or pointed out, through the company’s online chat, nor damages that can be traced directly or indirectly to the use of the company’s online chat. Under no circumstances will SaltPay be liable for damages that can be traced to the fact that it is not possible to use the online chat for a short or long period of time.

Users of the online chat are advised to never send sensitive information through the online chat, for example passwords, card numbers or sensitive personal information.

All communications that take place in SaltPay’s online chat are retained by the company for security and surveillance purposes as well as for the benefit of network and information security. The user of SaltPay’s online chat can request a copy of the communication.